Second Wind Maui

2023 X-OVER


The X-Over has a longer luff length compared to the Wave, for more performance and better leech control, particularly in side-on and onshore conditions. For better drive and a more locked-in feeling, the X-Over has a moderate draft profile, typical of a Power wave sail. 4 battens in 4.7 and smaller, 5 battens in 5.0 and up. Maximum wind range, stability, and responsiveness with fewer battens, and lighter weight, thanks to the 3Di Molded Construction.

The X-Over 6.7 & 7.4 have a moderate draft profile for a relatively locked in feeling, that pushes the sail onto the plane quickly and maintains a high top-end speed. The 3Di construction gives the sail a wide wind range and stability with just 5 battens, meaning that the sail is super light and easy to handle in manoeuvers. Precise material placement of 3Di also gives the sail very good finesse, making sailing upwind a breeze. Ripping your local spot is very easy and intuitive with the X-Over Freeride 6.7 & 7.4 sizes.

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