Second Wind Maui

Water Sports Equipment Lessons

Having offered lessons for over 30 years. Second Wind Maui is Maui’s best choice for watersport instruction. Have a fun and easy adventure.

Whether you are a first-time beginner or a seasoned pro, Second Wind’s lessons are for all ages and abilities. Our experienced professional instructors have the knowledge and ability to provide an incomparable experience on beautiful Maui.

Second Wind Maui boasts all brand new, modern equipment. All watersport lessons include equipment and everything is covered in the initial rate.

Kiteboarding Lessons

Learn to kite in Maui’s beautiful warm waters and steady winds.

Whether you are a first-time beginner or an advanced rider looking to sharpen your skills, we have an instructor and lesson package that will help you kite your best! Learn on the best North gear, or rent our gear at special rates to round out the perfect lesson!

Windsurfing Lessons

Maui is home to the worlds best windsurfers and windsurfing instructors.

Whether you are a beginner learning for the first time, or an expert wanting to fine-tune your skills, we have an instructor and lesson plan ready for you! Choose any of our lesson plans and become the windsurfer you always wanted to be tomorrow!

Surfing Lessons

Maui residents have been surfing for centuries.

Learning to surf is one of the best ways to enjoy Maui’s beautiful ocean waters! What could be better than some fun in the sun and exercise while learning the sport of Hawaiian royalty! Learn to surf on Maui!

Stand-Up Paddleboarding Lessons

Learning to stand-up paddle is easy – but, anything is easier and safer with proper instruction.

We do recommend stand-up paddling lessons for beginners, or if you are going into the surf for the first time. We do also recommend an instructor to accompany you if you are doing the Maliko-Kahului coast run for the first time. Learn to SUP with Maui’s best instructors!