Second Wind Maui



A relatively compact outline, with a slightly reduced luff length, for low swing weight in maneuvers. The profile of the wave is slightly forward-oriented, subtle enough for the sail to power up easily, but remains active, agile, and playful. 3 battens in 4.7 and smaller, 4 battens in 5.3 to 5.8, for a super smooth and lightning-quick transition between power-on and power-off. Maximum wind range, stability, and responsiveness with fewer battens, and lighter weight, thanks to the 3Di Molded Construction.

Molding the sails in 3D determines the shape. This means we can add unlimited shaping or twist in the sails without being limited to batten position. 3Di skins can transition seamlessly from thicker parts, to hold tension and resist impact, to other areas in the sails which are thinner, lighter, and softer. 3Di Molding provides unlimited precision in sail making, unmatched in the world of windsurfing.

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