Second Wind Maui

2021 PHANTOM Pro Speed windsurf package – SAILS/FOIL/BOARD


2021 PHANTOM Speed Pro package. Iris Race foil 6.0/7.0 sails only left – board and foil sold. FASTEST FOIL PACKAGE IN THE WORLD!


IRIS X-83 Pro board:

Two Years Collection 2020/2021

The X83 is our freerace machine to push the speed and performance boundaries in freerace and race modes. It is the fastest windfoil board on the market with a top speed of 37,75kts!

Program:  Speed ​​foil

Length: 210cm

Width: 83cm

Tail width: 75cm

Volume: 150L

Sail range: 5 - 8.0m2

Construction: Semi custom carbon & glass / Custom full carbon (Pro)


The Iris R Windfoil is our ultra performance weapon to be ahead of the pack. A no compromise foiI featuring the unique M40J high modulus carbon prepreg mast and wings to guarantees unreached performances.

The Iris R is the world’s fastest foil available on the market with a top speed of 39,45 kts !

The Winning Machine.


  • Fuselage 100 cm Evo

  • Front Wing R 550/350 mk2 cm2

  • Rear Wing R 175 cm2

  • Titanium screws

+ Transport Case

+ Goy’Box

+ Rear Wing Shims x4 (0,5mm / 1mm / 1,5mm / 2mm)



The Iris RF is a no compromise racing performance foiling sail designed for VMG upwind/downwind courses and slalom. It features 7 battens, 4 cams and large mast sleeve width. It is built with our new hybrid construction made of monofilm and PXB 1,5mil Laminate.

Featuring high aspect ratio designs helping to reduce the boom length for a better control and tremendous performances.

For those who want the to fly ahead.