Second Wind Maui



DUOTONE booms offer the best strength & stiffness ratio of any boom on the market. Platinum = 100% carbon. Silver = 100% aluminum.

The super-lightweight carbon PLATINUM in AEROSPACE PREPREG TECHNOLOGY is designed for experienced and performance-oriented riders with its ultra-stiff monocoque design. Word has long since got around that even PWA team riders of other rig brands buy the PLATINUM.
In order to meet the toughest challenges, three fully customised concepts are at the start:
› Wave >< Freestyle (140/150) › Wave >< Freeride (160) › Slalom >< Formula (170/190/240)

All SILVER booms are made from 7075 high-tech aluminium in high-quality BONDED TECHNOLOGY. This material used predominantly in cycling gives the tubes significantly more stiffness. There is also the new combination of a round tube in the front area (holding forces act obliquely downwards, so it is stiffer around here) and the OVAL TAIL SECTION (horizontal sail pull, thus the oval tube is stiffer here). This makes the entire SILVER around 30% stiffer. Together with the hardened front arch, this results in enormous hardness and durability. We are even prepared to offer a two-year unlimited warranty on all SILVER models – even for bending!