Second Wind Maui

WAVE-R Custom



The all new WAVE-R opens the door to a new style of wavesailing. Step on and lift your performance to new levels. Turn tighter. Hit the lip harder. Rotate faster. The WAVE-R is a real confidence booster. Give it all you’ve got and you will come out projected with precision and power to spare. A blend of Snow/Skate/Surf-Style best describes how the WAVE-R sails. At its best in small to logo high waves. The WAVE-R features a modern short, moderately wide stubby shape. The contour deck couples enough volume to keep you going in the surf with ‘Medium Thin Rails’ for insane grip in the tightest of turns.


The WAVE-R is designed around a tri-fin configuration. Standard equipment are K4’s Flexy 16/17/18 in the rear and two K4 Ezzy 8/10/12 in a two degree angle in front. Three Snug WiNDgear straps will keep your feet planted in all situations.

To unleash the full potential of the WAVE-R you need modern four or three batten providing ample forward pull with a tad of downforce. Trust us: You’ll be unhappy otherwise. We recommend Simmer Blacktip, Ezzy Elite or RRD The Four. Purists may even take it one step further with three batten sails like Simmer Tricera, Ezzy Taka or RRD Gamma. Ideal sail size range from 5.0 down to 3.4, there’s no need for anything bigger as the WAVE-R planes up amazingly quick for such a short board.