Second Wind Maui

G-WAVE Custom



The MauiWaveX reinvented. Featuring a new slightly wider/shorter body shape with ‘Ultra Thin Rails’, refined rockerline and a sweet looking ‘Swallow Tail’. Certainly one of the best all-round wave shapes on the market. The G-WAVE is surprisingly quick to a plane, sails relatively fast , feels nimble and lose, yet is always predictable and easy to control. Equally at home in all waves and winds, the G-WAVE is also a masterblaster on big lakes and loves to play in wind-swells. The easy of control is mind blowing, making it the board of choice for those days when men are separated from the boys!


The G-WAVE works with any wavesail; new or older profile. We recommend Simmer’s Icon as a reference. The Ezzy Panther may work as good and so will RRD’s Vogue. Each board size is designed to work from
5.3 down to 3.7.

The G-WAVE is designed to work with a thruster set-up in mind to emphasize looseness and maneuverability. Yet, honoring its heritage, it also works perfectly as a classic single fin board. Standard complimentary fittings are a K4 Stubby 20/21/22 in the rear and two K4 Ezzy’s 8/10 in front. The G-WAVE is equipped with three WiNDgear Snug footstraps, giving foot comfort another dimension!