Second Wind Maui

F-WAVE Custom



A new T1 development. A new toy for all waves, all spots, all winds. The F-WAVE is fairly easy to sail and performs in all conditions. A combination of a fast CROSS-R inspired rocker with a WAVE-R like maneuver oriented outline. The fast rocker delivers excellent planning performance and speed. The moderately short rounded outline with its kink between the straps and its swallow tail underline the board’s desire to shred waves. Our new ‘Medium Thin Rails’ offer sufficient float and superb control and grip in carving turns. The F-WAVE is a prime choice light wind wave board for guys & gals.

The F-WAVE is designed with a tri-fin configuration in mind, yet performs perfectly as a single fin too. Set it up according to prevailing conditions and your preferences. As a standard there are a full carbon US box in the tail with two carbon Slotbox 100 mounted with a slight toe-in. The F-WAVE comes with a complimentary K4 Rocket set, a 17.5 in the tail and two 13’s in front and – of course – three super snug WiNDgear footstraps

The F-WAVE works with a wide variety of wave sails: 5 or 4 batten, full or flat. On the 100 liter we very much like the 4 batten Simmer Blacktip in 5.6 or any of the Simmer Icon’s, Ezzy’s Panther or RRD Move and Vogue.