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The 2020 Banshee draws additional performance inspiration directly from S2Maui’s Venom race sail development program. As a high performance, ultralight RAF (camless) Freeride/Freerace sail the Banshee provides speed, power and light weight handling that puts many cambered race sails to shame. Larger sizes focus on freerace and transition to a freeride outline in smaller sizes, each with incredible speed potential.Superlight weight and progressive leech pro le give incredible early planning and instant acceleration. The center of effort is perfectly balanced low and close to the rider for maximum control. FocusPoint™ shaping derived from race development locks in a clean profile for maximum stability. For those who want maximum, no compromise speed and performance but don’t want cams.


Artur Szpunar:
The 2020 Banshee has a new panel layout modeled around concepts used in our Venom race sail. Spacelight is used in the twist zone, while film is used for crisp, stable feel in the area of maximum profile. Top end wind range is increased due to improved leech release and FocusPoint™ shaping locked in with race quality tube battens.

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