Second Wind Maui



Feel free like a bird! The Veloce 124 freeride model is an excellent performer in the FMX collection.

Dedicated freeride foil design that is very easy to learn foiling with and exceptionally stable in the air.

GTS edition – Combining strength and durability in a premium quality full PVC sandwich / glass deck and bottom construction.

The wide tail and more parallel rails ensure the FreeWave STB is extremely easy to ride, whilst delivering truly unrivalled early planing and upwind ability. The compact shape offers exceptional jumping control and a turning ability that can genuinely rival dedicated waveboards in smaller waves.

Whether you are progressing from flatwater to waves or already a master of both, there is no board that can flatter your technique and cater for your needs in a more complete way than the FreeWave STB.

From high wind freeride, through freestyle, bump & jump and full-on wave sailing, the FreeWave STB does it all with a perfect blend of ease and style.

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