Second Wind Maui

DWART Custom


 This board literally walks on water. Better yet, runs on water. Were talking easy paddling, a fast ride, effortless glide, and lip blasting vertical capabilities, all packed into one board. The Dwart takes the basic elements of a modern fish and fuses them with a few high performance design techniques to take it to the next level. You want a board that does it all? The Dwart is the best yet.


Rocker: A low, constant rocker runs throughout the Dwart. This keeps speed without tracking, makes mince meat of the smaller flatter sections, and helps make paddling a breeze. To put it simply: The flatter, the faster.

Concave: A slight single runs through the front half of the board, blending into a double concave “V” in the last third. The single up front allows the board to plane out quickly, and the double concave “V” through the tail retains the easy rail to rail action. It’s the best of both worlds when we’re talking concave.

Rails: The Dwart is built with a full, large-radius rail with the apex just below 50/50. This setup helps pack a ton of volume onto such a short frame, and provides a very forgiving, yet responsive feel.

Tail: Double Wing And Round Tail; and so the Dwart was born. This configuration is a key component in keeping this board responsive, and serves a couple purposes. The double wing setup allows the volume and surface area in the tail to be substantially decreased, creating a super positive feel on a generally full board geared heavily for speed and glide. The round tail allows for a seamless rail to rail transition with very little loss in speed, so it’s the perfect tweak to finish off this amphibious skate board.

Fins: The Dwart is built stock as a 5-fin convertible because it works well both as a tri fin and a quad fin. This board tends to be ridden most often in the smaller surf, but the versatility in the 5-fin setup better allows the Dwart to work well in anything from 1-10 foot.

Sizing: The Dwart has been built, and ripped on, in all sizes between 4’11 to 7’2, but most ride it 3-6 inches shorter then their Redline. The volume of a 5’6 Dwart, for example, is about equivalent to a 6’6 Redline, so even downsizing 6 inches gives you a significant boost in foam. Here’s a good rule of thumb to get what you are looking for: The greater the downsize, the better the Dwart will imitate a short board’s responsiveness and vertical abilities. The smaller the downsize, the more enhanced the small wave, easy gliding, groveling powers will be. Anywhere in between is, well… in between.

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