Second Wind Maui



Ride a contemporary masterpiece. Because, sooner or later, you will appreciate the
workmanship, technology, performance and soul that goes into every handmade
Imperator 6.


Carved Customs’ latest standard bearer features a re-engineered hull,
wider elliptical flex tips, serious UV protection, and the same legendary Imperator
heart and soul. The Imperator 6 now incorporates a 3/4 length hard keel sandwiched
between a new double concave hull. The double concave transitions into wider,
mono concave tips. The Imperator 6 engineers refined the highly effective and
distinctive ellipse and added a hand shaped tucked under rail. The more active tips
and more efficient rails improve handling and speed. The unique Cartan carbon
unibody construction is a masterstroke in production technology. A hand selected,
Paulownia wood core is wrapped in proprietary, tight weave, low resin, 30° biaxial
carbon fiber cloth that optimizes board torsion and dynamic longitudinal flex. As the
founder of Carved Boards likes to say, “Compromise is a virus that needs to be

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