Maui Watersport Gear

Having been in business for over 30 years. Second Wind Maui is Maui’s best choice for watersport gear. Have a fun and easy adventure.

Whether you are a first-time beginner or a seasoned pro, Second Wind’s inventory serves all ages and abilities. Our experienced professional staff has the knowledge and ability to provide incomparable expertise on beautiful Maui.

Second Wind Maui boasts all brand new, modern equipment. Our items are all top quality models, sought out by pros and amateurs alike.

Kiteboarding Gear

Brands: Duotone, Naish, Core, ION, Da Kine, Slingshot and more.

Kite in Maui’s beautiful warm waters and steady winds.

Whether you are a first-time beginner or an advanced rider looking to sharpen your skills, we have the equipment that will allow you to kite your best! Kite on the best gear from us..

Windsurfing Gear

Brands: Ezzy, S2 Maui, Fanatic, Thommen, Black Project, Hydrofoil, Naish, Da Kine, Slingshot, and more.

Maui is home to the worlds best windsurfers and windsurfing locations.

We have the gear that works for you, no matter your level of experience.

Surfing Gear

Brands: Da Kine, New Surf Project, Lost Surfboards, Rusty Surfboards and more.

Maui residents have been surfing for centuries.

Learning to surf is one of the best ways to enjoy Maui’s beautiful ocean waters! What could be better than some fun in the sun and exercise while participating in the sport of Hawaiian royalty! Get your Maui surfing gear.

Stand-Up Paddleboarding Gear

Brands: Black Project, Fanatic, Go Foil, Jimmy Lewis, Kahuna, Sunova, Sporttrack, Thule, Tracrac and more.

Stand-up Paddleboarding is easy to start – but, anything is easier and safer with the best gear.

You can paddle for leisure. You can surf. You can even race. Maui is home to the world-famous Maliko-Kahului coast run. Get in touch with us if you need the gear to get out there.

Foilboarding Gear

Brands: Duotone, Naish, Slingshot, Fanatic, Go Foil, Fling Vee, Tazuma, and more.

Foilboarding is the coolest new sport to hit the water!

There’s no sensation that compares! If you can ride a surfboard, you are ready to take the step onto a foilboard!


Second Wind Maui Store

We sell Elua Makani, our own exclusive brand.

Get some new threads so you’re not too hot in Maui’s beautiful weather.

Maui has a unique fashion. Help up let you align your style to help you fit in like a local.